A-Shield is a division of A-Line Group specialising in EMF shielding protection. A-Shield is an important consideration for EMF shielding in Substations, Main Switchboard rooms and riser cupboards. These are all areas where above-normal EMF readings can be expected.

What is EMF?

EMF stands for Electro-Magnetic Fields. These fields are created in AC circuits which become larger as the power demand increases. This means the highest concentration points of EMF in any building comes from the sub-station transformer and the Main Switchboard room. High levels of EMF can be present quite a number of meters away from these items AND concrete structures do nothing in stopping these fields!

The industry accepted standard for EMF values for habitable areas can vary depending on the application and expected occupied times of specific areas. Hospitals, Commercial and Residential premises can all be shielded to specific milli-gauss values. At A-line Group we can help in selecting the correct end values for your specific needs after which we will design and install a solution to match.

You can expect readings far above the industry expected minimums if shielding is not installed in the common areas mentioned above. The result of this will be the loss of valuable office or parking space due to the high EMF presence.

A-Shield is a solution that involves the application of a specifically manufactured product that we have developed solely for the absorption of EMF. When installed correctly the installation will ensure readings below the industry and designed expected minimums.

The A-Shield product is extremely versatile and can be painted over, plastered or even placed on a floor prior to carpet being laid. Whatever the solution, the installation will be fully installed by our trained professional staff. The only requirement for the installation of our EMF product is that it must be installed in a dry environment. Moisture will cause corrosion to set in, which will in turn limit the shielding ability.

At A-Shield, we can offer budget pricing at tender time, with fixed pricing available once the Transformer and Main Switchboard design is finalized. We can also come to existing sites and conduct EMF testing with our Gaussmeter. With these results we can formulate a report, along with a solution and pricing for that solution to be installed.

For further information about this service, please do not hesitate to contact us on either (03) 9555 6799 or e-mail us on a-shield@alinegroup.com.au