Thermal scanning

A-Scan is a Thermal Imaging service that allows our clients to take a pro-active approach with preventative maintenance on their electrical system. This leads to reduced risk of electrical breakdown and increased reliability of your installation and all related electrical components.

Heat is probably the biggest enemy of an electrical system and its associated components. Left un-checked, heat will lead to quick deterioration of cabling, switchgear, relays, contactors and any other associated components. This in turn leads to breakdowns, costly down time and as a worst case final scenario, fire in the installation.

There are many causes of heat in an electrical system, from loose connections to undersized components. All of these are identifiable during a thermal scanning audit.

It is ideal that the Thermo scan survey is conducted at the peak power usage portion of the day. We work with our clients to identify this time and will correlate the whole process with your head of maintenance (or your alternative person of choice) giving the best opportunity to identify any areas of concern.

How does thermal scanning work?

Thermal scanning works by utilizing a specialized heat sensitive camera that is designed to highlight heat sources as different colours depending on the intensity. Each picture relates the colours shown in that image to a scale chart on the side of the picture. This allows for fast identification of areas causing heat generation, along with exactly what temperature they are operating at. Our Thermo Scanning pictures will also high light areas of heat transfer which could require inspection during shutdown maintenance to ensure the residual heat has not caused damage.

The thermo scanning process will be conducted by one of our specialized technicians, with all our findings being correlated in a report. The report identifies the problem and temperature at the time the picture is taken. It will also include possible causes of any heat spots found and a recommended cause of action required to limit damage.

We have conducted thermo scanning on some of the largest installations around Melbourne. We conduct 12 monthly scans for some of these clients, which undoubtedly helps them stay well in front of any potential issues.

Please call today to organize your A-Scan scanning audit and let us help you keep in front of any potential upcoming issue.

For further information about A-Scan, please do not hesitate to contact us on either (03) 9555 6799 or e-mail us on

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